Sarah Kay – Brother

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Brother, you jaywalked your way out of the womb. I could recognise you anywhere from the hiccup in your swagger. Tell me, where in the world did you find all that thunder? There have never been any seat-belts on your side of the car. You have always known the better magic tricks. You told me once that I was just the first draft, and I’m inclined to believe you but you came with a lot more pieces to assemble than … Read More

Sarah Kay – Peacocks

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Lately… lately I’ve been living with spiders, but as roommates go they haven’t been too bad. The one in the bathroom keeps to his side of the tile, and the one in the bedroom… well he can get a little bit grabby but for the most part he keeps his hands to himself. I guess all those car engines and hairsprays finally caught up with us, because the pollution here is so bad it makes the sky glow orange from … Read More

Sarah Kay – Jakarta January

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After Hanif Abdurraqib & Frank O’Hara It is the last class of the day and I am teaching a classroom of sixth graders about poetry and across town a man has walked into a Starbucks and blown himself up while some other men throw grenades in the street and shoot into the crowd of civilians and I am 27 years old which means I am the only person in this room who was alive when this happened in New York … Read More


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    Βυθίζομαι μα τώρα μόνο στα ρηχά και αυτό το χέρι άσπρο που δεν ματώνει πια σαν ίσκιος κουβαλάει το φώς που γύρω-γύρω βγαίνει ρηχά νερά μικρή ζωή που αγάπη δεν χορταίνει  

i miss the rain

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  i miss the rain sometimes when i’m with you and don’t remember what to do for love The way it runs down on hotel glass how you lie on the whites of well-made beds like desert water How it catches the brown of your hair with small diamonds of light This fire will put the water out, clear the clouds, and stop us i miss the rain

Sarah Kay – Providence

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  Look at this, look at all this snow. Does anyone in town know how to use a shovel? Well I guess the answer is no. Shit I fumbled my gloves, oh no I dropped my keys. Now they’re probably buried at the bottom of the snow bank and I bet that they’re gonna freeze. Cos Providence is miserable in winter. Providence won’t let me go on walks. Providence might ruin my semester, I might have to change my locks. … Read More

Her Moodiness

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I wish I could describe her moodiness in words, like it really is, like it really makes me feel… It is such an elusive feeling yet so tangible at the same time. Tangible not as in the feeling itself, but the effects that it has on me are so evident they are impossible to hide.  If I were to paint it, I would paint a shore full of seashells and seaweed in the retreating tide. A shore almost choked into … Read More

The Sufficiently Complex Universe, God and Selfless Love

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When Max Planck was going to start his Ph.D. in Physics they told him that he really need not apply and that he shouldn’t bother because “all of physics has really been discovered”. Undaunted -of course- the bright young scientist went on with his studies and -when they finally found someone who could read and understand his thesis- formulated an equation containing Planck’s Constant whose immense validity and application wasn’t appreciated until twenty five years later, when Quantum Mechanics was … Read More

The D. in goD. – by K.

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He fills me up in so many ways my D., I find it hard to describe it though I know exactly what it is. I know what He is. He is with whom I want the sun to find us in the morning, he whom his face I see everywhere during the day, even at work, on my desk on my screen. He makes me open up to him easily, wantingly, like an unpicked flower he travels my body like … Read More

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