The Sufficiently Complex Universe, God and Selfless Love

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When Max Planck was going to start his Ph.D. in Physics they told him that he really need not apply and that he shouldn't bother because "all of physics has really been discovered". Undaunted -of course- the bright young scientist went on with his studies and -when they finally found someone who could read and understand his thesis- formulated an equation containing Planck's Constant whose immense validity and application wasn't appreciated until twenty five years later, when Quantum Mechanics was woven all around it. 

Another bright scientist the French Paul Dirac helped discover the equation that described the motion of the electron around the atomic nucleus and which in his own words "solved most of physics and all of chemistry" (and this is actually true) yet this equation can even today only be applied and solved for very simple atoms, in fact extremely simple atoms like Hydrogen which has just one electron hovering round its nucleus. For more complex atoms or even worse, molecules, such a solution becomes impossible and un-approachable. 

The list goes ever on and on and there are countless such paradigms which all point to the fact that our universe is one of "sufficient complexity" to ever be fully understood and described by physical laws. No matter how much we describe nature and how much physics advances and how much we manage to completely unify all equations we already know and actually find the GUT  (Grand Unifying Theory) that describes the universe, it will always somehow elude our grasp, or the complete application of the equations will elude us, because it is "sufficiently complex" and a "sufficiently complex" system with every discovery made, begets new complexity that wasn't there before. The above examples are colourful but not the best I could think of, in a "sufficiently complex" system there are always better examples to give to make ones point.

We all have a map, which represents our vision of reality. It is not a complete vision of reality; it is an approximation of it. If it were a complete vision of reality it wouldn't be a map, it would be reality itself. Some famous historian once said that if he would have to write a complete and accurate account of the one hundred year war, it would last one hundred years. So our maps are at best a good approximation of reality. The good or better or worse mental and psychological health of a person is judged by how well and how flexibly he can adapt his map to reality. Our maps are made out of our personal experiences which give us firsthand knowledge and also personal emotional involvement, and by the sum of all other signals, stories, books, television, movies, advice, parents, family, society, country, words, songs, etc... all collectively called by the Greek psychiatrist Xari Kataki our "mythos", our sum of external inputs. We all have a map, which is made out of our mythos.

"I wear her map. I slide under her skin. Her mythos is mine. She is my hero. I have no boundary around my heart except her map. I wear her soul on the outer side of my skin. What I feel is not love, but selfless love. I live through her eyes, touch through her fingers, tingle through her small soft breasts. I watch her almost perfect fingers shape the air in the room she is in. Her toes touching the floor lightly almost seductively, or hanging in mid-air gently like hovering over a precipice, as I hover over my life's end when she looks at me. She is reading, the words in the book following her eyes as spring follows winter, willingly, silently, in full bloom a body full of sensual caves waiting to be picked. She fills me. She drains me and gives me life again with a wave of her hand, gently swaying like an untold truth, a child's promise, like the proudest flag, the tallest sail, the deepest green in the breeze. She is my everything, I hold nothing back I have no mythos I know no truth but her. She forms my universe she is my "you"th my nostalgia my beating heart; I give all. I take nothing. A sigh like the small retreating waves in the sand, her body engulfs me her heart releases me, master and slave, a country with no border, a kingdom of peace that has never known war. I fit with her, I feel with her, I fall with her she makes me know the deepest fall, the fall that never ends, the never ending cloudless day, she weaves my dreams. Her map is mine. Her map coils around me like a snake, it hisses its thin split tongue in my ear. She poisons me with her body, and generously releases her antidote with her mind. She sustains me, she nourishes me. I wear her all."

" I fit with her, I feel with her, I fall with her 

she makes me know the deepest fall, the fall that never ends, 

the never ending cloudless day, she weaves my dreams "

In a "sufficiently complex" system every over-simplification is a catastrophe. Because the system is intensely complex and intertwined, every oversimplification is like a virus that replicates and transmits so vigorously that it hits in all parts of the hapless body. A super-cancer. A yet unknown and deadly-fast unerring, unforgiving, unrelenting, blind disease. In such a complex universe every simplification leads to a different tunnel a different train of thought, a wholly different reality. We know the reality we live in, we are hesitant to accept any other. In such a complex universe, every simplification leads to a different reality. To a different "sufficiently complex" reality.

"In selfless love you do not care for results. You take no tests, pass no exams, you drift like the leaf in the river, like the smoke from a cigarette. I love her selflessly, I give her all, every single little detail of my life, of my self, is hers. I substitute my molecules for hers, I feel the tingle from the one-to-one representation: one molecule of mine for one of hers, one atom of mine for one of hers; we complement each other. We feel the forces governing our chemistry, we react with each other, I hear her talk in my mind. She's my spirit. She is. And her being is my reality"

In a "sufficiently complex" system like our universe, beginning and end have no meaning but for those who live and die. We all live and die. We are all part of the complex system. Our life changes everything, our life changes nothing. Our death changes nothing our death changes everything. In such a system many imaginary universes may exist and ours is the most probable; our universe has no boundaries but is not infinite. Our finite lives fail and will always somehow fail to grasp the incompleteness of our thoughts. In such a complex system, that by itself begets new systems and new complexities God is not required, though those who live and die believe he is needed. Because the system is so complex that bringing the idea of God into play to explain its complexity is an oversimplification, as it focuses on the why and not the how. It avoids the difficult question of the how by bringing in an easier one for the why. And any oversimplification is dangerous, as religion and all religions and crimes committed therein throughout human history will testify. 

"She is my religion, she is my God. I look up to her in prayer. I pray for her, I pray TO her she leads me to her altar, I am her sacrifice, her martyr. She is my Twelve Gods my one and only my "God's only Son" my tranquil Buddha. She fills me up so sufficiently, I love her so selflessly that I need no other God; she is my God my world creator, my path of destiny. My God that doesn't exist that transcends all other Gods that betrays none that kills none that resurrects none that acknow-ledges none. She is my universe. My complex, inflating, expanding, accelerating universe, the pure one, the most probable, the one without God, the self sustained, ridden with galaxies, fiery like our tangled, sweating, beating, shining bodies in the night, the godless universe, the finite body with no boundaries, the no-beginning, the never-end the timeless want of love.

No God can hold me away from her; no God can bring me nearer. My godless, endless night. I wear her map."

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