beasts of love

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I spent some time in silence,
and the pictures of you that were screaming by.
wild horses in my brain.

Then all the suffering
and tormenting animals
inside me,
they gathered around me,
their eyes cold, unmoving,
like sacred felines from the Pyramids.

They are waiting for you.
They will creep silently inside you,
move like a bad dream,
coming alive under your skin.
They don’t precede my love,
they don’t follow it,
they come with it.

This is the danger of the pain that will be,
as when we fall in love
the beasts of suffering within us
are set free.

You must love me through the danger,
through the bloody torment,
through the beasts within.
Love me surely in vain.

For all that love sets free,
love cannot contain.

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