Sarah Kay – Still Here

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My grandmother’s awakened bed
A language I don’t understand runs circles round her head
Her words get jumbled on her lips and brought her out to play
I press my head against her chest her heartbeat seems to say:
Still here, still here
You can miss me when I’m gone

But I’ll keep on holding on as long as I’m still here
I’ve seen the fire I’ve seen the storm
I took a stranger by the hand and tried to keep them warm
The buildings rolled the rivers rose at the hands of Gods and men
They can break this city down to dust and well build it back again
Still here, still here
They can give us all they got

But they won’t destroy us not as long as I’m still here
I’ve walked these shoes until they’re thin
I’ve wandered halfway round the world and wandered back again
The road is long the night is cold when I’m out there on my own
Your face lit by the hallway lamp is how I know I’m home
Still here, still here
I can travel till I’m lost

But the fight is worth the cost as long as you’re still here
(you’re still here)
Still here (you’re still here)
The writer lies awake again

He knows that he’s crossed to bear the paper and the pen
His time on this earth is short, the end could be tonight
He doesn’t fear the end of times, he fears he cannot write
Still here, still here
I’m not afraid to move along
Here’s a poem and a song
To know that I’m still here

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