behind the windshield screen

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Sit behind
The windshield
in your car;
Its quite amazing.
From behind the windshield
See the movie,
A movie playing
in front of you
So sit motionless
but not emotion-less
And as you drive
As you drive by,
your life,
Unfolds around you
And all the circumstances
Now surround you
Surround you like a play,
A dress rehearsal
In which we all are part
We play ourselves
-If we are lucky-
We don’t play
Someone else.

And the world goes by
as it will,
as it will,
it always will,
Go by.

And there a group of people
pass you by
On the left side
On the right a motionless
animated person
In decline
So through with wine
He stammers
cross the stage
A mark that bears
The signs of his old age
The hidden years
Behind a cloud of rage.

And then two younger people
Gaze in awe
Another “in flight” scene
has been uncovered,
As you the one spectator
in this movie
the windshield movie
passing you by

From time to time
Will turn
It will not lie.

Look at the world
that’s passing by
Around you
Painted in colours
on this real-life
The screen we use
to map our life
Between the things we care
And the time we spend
On this small planet
running ever behind,
behind the windshield
of some car we drive.

And then the rain
May fall in simple drops
A Tee Tee sound
iT Tears You hearT across
To hear This simple,
Time and Time again
The TanTalizing Train
that is The rain
-ever approaching. 

This rain will make you wet
When you’re outside
And yet in here the gentle
Sound that dances
Will help you
See this world
Through washing eyes
The hurried people,
With umbrellas,
The couples lost in time
In this same rain
That falls
As you sit behind
The windshield.

And yet you will not
All the signs,
The truth before your eyes
The running time,
You will not see
The movie that begins
And will not pay attention
To the dialogue,
The scenario that unfolds,
Until you read it
In some book
That captures what
Went on while you
Were just a passer by
In a car behind
The windshield.

Books write to capture
What we know
For what is not known
Cannot be written
-no one can write
Is not known-

And your imagination
driven by
-that which you think is new
And never known-
Is driven by the movie
That you see
Through cloudy skies
Beyond the windshield screen.

And then you might drive along
-behind the windshield screen-
A country road
With stories and
Not told,
Where once a battle
A defying rage
Blood coloured
This serene and sloping hill
For as men kill and fight
Red rivers, -silent-
Drip through this blood night
For country and
Some god we fight
The same
And kill the brother
Share the Crimson shame

These hills now look
So quiet and so tame
They look
In peace
With nature
And the graveyard near
Between The river that was once
A red hot death
An army and a soldier
Hand in hand
May visit yet
At night
With the moon’s light
The shadows from the death
In this dark fight.

So history and past and present
Will pass before this
Magic windshield screen
The monument
Does little
To remind
How what is now so peaceful
Was once rage

And such
That should not come
this way again,
lest you see death
beyond your windshield screen
it will be real it will not
be a dream.

And then the road
-beyond the windshield screen-
Will take a turn
Will dip
As in a dream
and lazily before you
it unwinds
a silver snake
now sleeping here it lies
beyond the battleground
this silver road
will take you
to open oceans
stretching till the end,
where the land curves
and masts of ships will hide

In this so open space
The screen alive
It sends your memories
From sand to castle,
From castle to the moon
and back again
this windshield screen
with salty drops and pathways,
sandy dunes,
now lost in thought
you gaze beyond the single line
of one horizon
known yet never crossed
through loves and promises
sand castles now all lost,

‘Tis not the end,
The journey
Will unfold
And once again
Returning through the night,
The windshield screen
Now black with trembling light

Empty at first but as city lights
Come near
On this simple journey
That you shared today
The secrets and the paths
Of your life lay.

And if you think
That life is more
That this
What you can see beyond
The windshield screen
what minds imagine
that is never seen,
yet this small drive
uncovered what remains.

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  1. Karen middleton
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    I love this! especially the play on the word on emotionless

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